March 2021 - June 2022: Entertainment Industry Abuse 

#MeToo was really just words here in the UK and nothing of much note changed. Women (mostly) were/are still being abused, bullied and sexually harassed and assaulted at work and the fear of losing their job still prevents them from reporting to the production companies and/or upper management. On many productions, there is no upper management or person to take overall accountability. We NEED an independent regulatory body.


On 13th March 2021, I put out a (since updated) tweet in desperation at the levels of abuse I knew about in the entertainment industry and wanted to do something. Anything. I needed to gather information to highlight how endemic the problem really is in the UK and get it highlighted to try and make some systemic changes.


I didn't expect the sheer volume of emails and private messages that have been (and continue to be) sent to me.


It is now June 2022 and I still have over 500 emails to process, record and respond to after finding a whole load that hadn't been downloaded from the server.


I am in contact with 19 investigative journalists and am linking up and connecting with other brilliant people who also want to make huge changes. I had to take time out from dealing with the emails to set myself up with some therapy due to the sheer volume of sexual abuse and rape I now know about and can't do anything about in the immediate term. Some of the things I'm reading are utterly appalling.

Since June 2021, I have been attending meetings at the Government's Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Roundtable to help inform a plan of action to set up an independent standards authority for the industry, going forward.

Some press coverage is noted here.