April 2020:

I was interviewed by Matt at The Stage regarding an agent who posted a fake paid casting as an April Fool for her clients during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

The link is here


Feb 2020:

I was interviewed by Amy at The Irrelevant Actor Podcast about all things British Actors Network and standing up to bullies.

The full podcast link is here

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Jan 2020:

I was interviewed by BBC Radio 4's Front Row programme as a follow up to The Stage article about Spotlight's discriminatory eligibility criteria.


Interview at approx 11:50.

The full programme link is here

Dec 2019 - Jan 2020:

I was interviewed and asked questions by 3 Founding Members of the British Actors Network I'm trying to pull together: britishactorsnetwork.co.uk | @BritishActorNet

Full podcast links: 

Episode 1: 30th Dec 2019 - with Jan van der Black & Helen Raw

Episode 2: 6th Jan 2020 - with Olga Leon & Helen Raw

Episode 3: 13th Jan 2020 - with Catherine Stobbs & Helen Raw

Episode 4: 1st March 2020 - with Simon Jay & Helen Raw

Episode 5: 7th March 2020 - with Sally Hyde-Lomax & Helen Raw

Episode 6: 13th March 2020 - with John Byrne & Helen Raw

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I was interviewed by The Stage for their article on Spotlight's discriminatory eligibility criteria.

The link is here

The PDF is coming soon

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I was interviewed by The Stage for their article on acting industry scams as I've shut down a few and reported others to the police for inappropriate audition requests.


The link is here

The PDF is here


In January 2017 I was brought in as Festival Producer/Logistics for XpoNorth.

Over 120 speakers, 2,500 attendees, a live training TV station, a short film festival, and new bands playing to industry producers.


More info links below:





As a 4th year BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychobiology student (graduated in July 2016), I was selected to be one of 12 to work as a researcher on an ongoing murder enquiry, Operation Monton, working with Police Scotland and Norfolk Constabulary.


You can see all the press coverage on my Forensic Psychobiology site.


The lovely folks at Northern Star Acting found my acting page screenshot on a Facebook group and wrote a lovely wee blog about actors not being robots :-) You can read the piece here.


I was interviewed by the lovely folks at                                 for an Internet Bullying piece following the airing, on Channel 4, of the excellent and unnerving 'Cyberbully'


I outed a scam agency and was interviewed by The Stage about it - I am the actor/producer mentioned in the article. I chose not be named purely because The Stage couldn't confirm in what context my quotes would be used. Now I've read the article, I'm happy putting my name to it and will continue to try and help stamp out exploitative practices in our industry.

The link is here

The PDF is here

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Brilliantly negative* Daily Fail (aka The Daily Mail) article on divorce parties and divorce cakes


*Before agreeing to the article, I was told it would be a light hearted take on divorce cakes! Aye right. Should've known better.


I was interviewed for a Modern Studies Book that has been circulated to all High Schools in Scotland. I was asked about my Trade Union experience as I ran a branch of Equity (performer's union) from 2008 - 2015.


I was interviewed for the Equity Review of The Year in 2011 for my work in the East of Scotland branch that I founded in 2008 and launched, with a full committee, in 2009. I have been re-elected as Secretary every year since

(update: now elected to online branch 2016 - present).


I was interviewed by Frank Huzur for Pak Tea House in India about my various projects. Frank is the author of the Imran Khan biography, as well as other publications and novels.


I was interviewed by Edinburgh Spotlight about my work with The Raw Talent Company and the currently dormant Actors Centre Scotland project. I also spoke to them about my role as Artistic Director for The New Victoria, a project that aimed to raise £millions to save the Old Odeon in Edinburgh's South Side.

2010 - 2012:

I was interviewed by various publications and news programmes about my role as Artistic Director for The New Victoria, a project that aimed to raise £millions to save the Old Odeon in Edinburgh's South Side. Our bid was rejected by the owners.


I was interviewed by The Scottish Sun for their divorce parties article. This coverage garnered interest from the National press and I was featured in That's Life and The News of the World.  I have actually received requests to organise divorce parties for others - perhaps a new income stream?

The Scottish Sun

That's Life, National Magazine

The News of the World (disgraced paper)


I was invited on to Leith FM Radio as a special guest to talk about acting, my company, Equity and the Actors Centre Scotland. You can listen to the interview here - put the kettle on cos it's over an hour long. It is full of Yoda like wisdom though (that is true, cos Mama Raw says so).


Blurb from the Leith FM/Noise Up Show website:
"What will you learn listening to the show?

  • Where to go if you want to train in acting

  • The difference between agents and casting directors

  • How Equity works (chainsaw jugglers pay special attention!)

  • Where Detective Shaft goes for his holidays

  • Why I am a very courageous man (Check out the youtube link in the acting category box alongside this message)

  • The inside story on Glen Michael of cavalcade fame


Massive thanks to Helen for coming in and generously allowing me time in her frighteningly busy schedule.

(For copyright reasons all music has been removed from the audio)"


Direct audio link: https://mondaynoiseup.wordpress.com/2009/10/24/acting/

2008: I was interviewed by The Sun and The Daily Record about my thoughts on copyright theft.

2008: I was interviewed by The Dunfermline Press on the set up of my actor training company (now called The Raw Talent Company)


I was interviewed by The Sunday Post as they found out I was doing the 'Loony Dook' to raise money for charity the day after I got married. Please know that the dress pictured is from a charity shop and not the one I got married in. I just needed to make that clear. Puffball sleeves are not my thing.


After The Sunday Post article, various other nationals got in touch and we were featured on New Year's Day after we had 'Loony Dooked'. It's nice to know you're interesting enough to the press when you're not actually 'in' something. Obviously, as you've seen above, the marriage fell apart and I had a nervous meltdown but hey, press is press :-)


I was interviewed by The Scotsman about my thoughts on the contraceptive pill.


The Dunfermline Press interviewed me as part of their 'on the spot' feature. Obviously, they used an exceptionally old headshot but hey, press is press.


I was interviewed by the local press in Fife and Edinburgh about the Big Band Charity Concert I was producing and headlining before heading to LA to undertake further acting training.


News of my impending acting training in LA. I started at the Actors Studio in LA and stayed for a bit longer training with personal coaches after the course.


This kicked off the first of my residencies at the Tiffany Bar inside Carnegie Hall. The dates both filled and it was the start of some regular dates and as well as a Streisand show, I created 'An Evening of Eva Cassidy' and 'An Evening of The Carpenters'. I finished this residency to sing and entertain on cruise ships for 3 years.

Copies of all press from 1991-2000 is available on request.

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