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  • Acting & Performance

  • The Business of Acting

  • General Industry Issues:

    • contracts & rates 

    • reporting bullying & sexual harassment

    • racial discrimination

    • inappropriate castings

    • producers withholding pay/footage


and so much more...

some testimonials

Email to chat & book a session
£30 ph

  • Helen is great!! She makes you feel comfortable and you can express yourself where you might feel you're not doing it right, and Helen makes you put it right in a way for you to understand it!!! Brilliant. Thank you.

  • I can't believe I have learnt more about the acting industry and certain acting techniques in two days than I did studying at Telford [Edinburgh College] for three years.

  • Everything is made so clear and I could actually see the technique that is taught working instantly in me and others. I came out of the class feeling very confident.

  • While having an issue with a commercial contract buyout, I contacted Helen to get some advice and utilise her expertise on the situation. She read through all of the material I sent her, took the time out of her busy schedule to chat on the phone about it all and then she had some great suggestions along with additional people to contact. After speaking with Equity Commercials and Legal team in regard to this matter, they appeared to be unable to help as didn’t think they could do anything with it, which I was very disappointed by. My union, that I have spent the last 10 years as a member, was unable to provide any help or assistance with the legal problem I was facing, and indeed many other members have probably experienced over the years. So instead I followed the advice of Helen and went back to the company again, pursuing it further myself, and ended up settling with the client out of court for a fee we were both happy with. I found Helen’s support and advice much more beneficial than any conversations I’ve had with my [union’s] commercial or legal team.

  • If I learned one thing (two things) from Helen, that is self-belief and a sense of worth.

  • Hi Helen, I just wanted to thank you and say the parts [of the business of acting seminar] that I did manage to catch were absolutely brilliant. I forgot how ridiculously funny you are!

  • Couldn’t have been happier with what Helen did to help me out in a difficult situation. Her professionalism, diplomacy and advice is second to none. I didn’t make her life particularly easy in a few respects, but the way she dealt with the situation lead to a speedy and satisfactory resolution. I’d encourage anyone in need of support, help or advice to make contact and draw upon her wealth of experience and knowledge.

  • Helen created a friendly atmosphere and gave good constructive feedback. Brilliant.

  • For anyone who wants to get started as an actor, there is no better place or person to go and see but Helen Raw. She is friendly, approachable, very knowledgeable and full of common sense. If you listen and follow her advice, you too can make it to Cannes, like I did this year!

  • It is so refreshing to meet someone so blunt and honest in this business and who is able to get straight to the point and skip all the bullshit (pardon my french) and I was literally hanging on your every word. It makes me wish everyone else in this industry was as Scottish as you!

  • ​Helen Raw is outstanding. Does she know her stuff? Hell yes! 

  • I just sat in on your last seminar. I wanted to thank you for the refreshingly honest advice and to say your direct attitude was hilarious! My favourite seminar of the day.

  • I found the coaching sessions with Helen Raw to be invaluable. She imbues her coaching with integrity and a friendly honesty which I found refreshing and assuring! Before coming to Helen I had absolutely no idea about my first steps into the entertainment industry following my Performing Arts degree, but now I feel empowered to command the direction of my career with full preparedness - and to do so without getting in trouble with HMRC! Thank you, Helen!

  • I had a wonderful one-to-one session with Helen who helped me with singing techniques. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience that she happily shared with me. I felt I was given some great practical advice and some excellent tools to help me progress with my singing career. I would highly recommend anybody looking for the same to get in touch with her.

  • Helen was very professional and friendly. Her excellent teaching skills have been helpful and insightful and I will certainly recommend Helen and look forward to working with her again in the future! Thank you Helen for your expertise and kindness!

  • Fantastic passionate woman who lives to make a change for the good. The industry needs people like this otherwise it will fall apart.

  • Helen is direct, forward and to the point. Her advice is valuable and very usable!

  • Helen is a star! She not only exudes professionalism but is also highly knowledgeable. She has been a huge help to me, and I can happily recommend her to others. She is exactly what this industry needs.

  • My lesson was challenging without being too overwhelming and completely without judgment. I came out with a list of things to do and was reminded of those things we all know we should do but conveniently forget to practice.

  • Well, what can I say apart from a massive thank you. Your knowledge of the workings of this industry are second to none.

  • One word to describe Helen, brilliant!

  • Helen is a fabulous teacher, she has boundless energy and has the right balance of honesty and encouragement.

  • Working with Helen was inspirational.

  • Helen is a star! She not only exudes professionalism but is also highly knowledgeable. She has been a huge help to me and I can happily recommend her to others.

  • Thank you for such an informative, insightful & hilarious seminar today!

  • I'm looking forward to my next class with Helen and know that her fair, honest feedback and her innate madness will take me to my next level as an actor.

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