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…the piece is brought to an affirming close with Helen Raw’s convincing portrayal of Ensler herself, describing witnessing the birth of her grandchild…Raw’s emotional and uplifting performance captures those sentiments beautifully…an eye-opening and polished production which is highly enjoyable and easy to recommend. ★★★★

4 stars, The Vagina Monologues, Edinburgh Spotlight


…should you decide to include Helen’s substantial talents in any of your projects, you will be pleased with the strength and diversity she brings to any performance.

Dave Cole, Cruise Director Celebrity Cruises/Princess Cruises


...your show was so well received, what a talent you are...In all the years we have cruised with our group, we've never had such an overwhelmingly positive response to any entertainer we have seen...everyone really enjoyed your humour and sparkle, not to mention your beautiful voice. We hope to persuade you to sing for us at our convention in Las Vegas next year.

Excerpt from a letter I received from an audience member after she saw one of my shows on Celebrity Cruises


There are some wonderful moments on here...suggests that the singers may be Scottish, and you can hear that gorgeous accent coming through in some of the songs…the girl that sings most of these songs has got a beautiful voice - when she sings "All The Pretty Little Horses" it really makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. ★★★★★

5 stars, Amazon customer


A dangerously infectious collection of fun songs for children and adults...When the album focuses on the lullabies, you are in for a treat, Helen Raw's voice is stunning. Listening to her can easily wash away the stresses of the day...She shares vocals with Douglas on "Dream Angus" and the results are nothing short of perfection...Helen has a voice that can be compared to some of Celtic/New Age music's biggest stars, such as Enya and Máire Brennan. Her rendition of "Amazing Grace" can only be described as a religious experience. This is definitely a must have for parents with grade school aged children, or just people with a fondness for Scottish folk songs. ★★★★★

Andrea Guy, Mossip Music


"Really bought this for one song but ended up buying 6 album downloads as they are so well done. ★★★★★

5 stars, Amazon customer


...The whole album sounds like the two singers (one male, one female) had a wonderful time recording it: it shows in the music, and is passed onto the kids when they listen to it. This is definitely an album that will be played over and over again. ★★★★★

5 stars, Amazon customer


Bright, Breezy & Infectious - I love this modern take on traditional Scottish songs. It's bright and breezy and you just have to jig along with each track. Definitely not just for children, adults will love this. ★★★★★

5 stars, Amazon customer


I bought this for my grandson but it's a great hit with adults and children alike. Sadly most of these songs are not known to many young children today. Good to see them being preserved for everyone. ★★★★★

5 stars, Amazon customer


I bought it directly from the shop website. Very good collection. Fun listening to even if you are not a child.★★★★★

5 stars, Amazon customer


These are really enjoyable versions of classic nursery rhymes, and they go down a storm with my kids...the tracks here are delivered with an enthusiasm that only a professional misanthrope could fail to smile at, and the saccharine blandness of so many other children's nursery rhyme albums is thankfully missing. We played this album and Volume 2 at my daughter's birthday party the other day, and the kids had such a good time dancing to it that they asked us to put them both on again. ★★★★

4 stars, Amazon customer

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