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"...Helen Raw's directorial debut for Footlights showcases extraordinary flair for dance and song..." ★★★★


"...the production was very polished and professional in its staging...the title number falls just before intermission with high expectations for the second act which are certainly met..." ★★★★


"...a largely competent production, which delivers in buckets when called upon to make a big song and dance..." ★★★


"...Helen is quite remarkable. I cannot commend her highly enough..."


"Her knowledge and experience is only strengthened and emphasised further by her passion for what she does."


"Helen Raw has a really unique way of getting the best out of people, without them even noticing"


"She is not afraid to push people to the absolute limit and beyond, showing people what they are really made of and what the professional world is like but without damaging their self-confidence or passion for acting."


" a young actor with lots of previous experience in theatre, I feel Helen was very quickly able to identify ‘old habits’ and rectify them with ease...I feel privileged to have been directed by her and hope to have the opportunity to work with her again."


"I hope I get to work with her again in the future"


"...I loved working with Helen and grew as an actress over the year of working with her. Her knowledge of straight acting, musical theatre, on-screen acting, different techniques and more, means that she is incredibly well informed and knows what she is doing."


"...Helen took a group of University students, many of whom had never before performed onstage, and turned them into a unified theatrical company..."


"...I count myself fortunate to have had Helen there to motivate me and the entire cast to reach a new level of professionalism, and to see her direct the entire creative process first-hand..."


"...I was astounded at how much I learned from Helen..."


"...You played your part [director] were unfazed, professional and rose to the occasion..."


"...Helen was so good and very calm with [directing] so many children. Will definitely look out for it next year."


"…I had a great time and Helen was a godsend as our director…"

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