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Casting types include:

  • Prostitute

  • Mother

  • Police officer

  • Detective

  • Jesus

  • Nun

  • Killer

  • Odd psychic

  • Teacher

  • Social worker

  • A punchable face*

  • Scottish witch*

  • Gobby ranter*

  • Bit of a cow*

  • Nasty Nazi*

  • Alcoholic lesbian*

  • Dragon*

  • FBI genius*

  • Rabid Gran*

  • Nasty feminist bastard*

  • Fool masquerading as a hero*

* Some of the things I've been called on social media for speaking out about abuse in the entertainment industry, women's rights, sexual harassment and racism. But, mostly, because some blokes just didn't like the rules of my Facebook group being applied to them!

An experienced actress and singer who has been involved in the entertainment world in some form or another since records began.  I performed in my first show at primary school aged 8, playing a washer woman, and a tube of Smarties and haven't looked back since.


Worked in film, theatre, theatre in education and corporate entertainment. Also on cruise ships as an entertainer for 3 years.


Currently in the development phase for a one-woman CSI type show based around my forensic degree and the ridiculous events that have happened in my life. 


  • Set up the first General Branch of Equity in Scotland, in 2008, and was elected Secretary from January 2009 - April 2016

  • Elected to Equity's Online Branch Committee, November 2016 - March 2021

  • Managed 'British Actors Network' until Dec 2021 - one of the only fully vetted and actively moderated acting based groups on Facebook (18k members) and a champion for speaking up about the injustices in the entertainment industry

  • Member of the DCMS Government working party for creating an Independent Standards Authority for the entertainment industry

  • Relentless campaigner for actors and crew to be paid, insured and protected on all professional projects.


Ask me to work for free and I will likely punch you in the goolies/boobs/face*

*I don't advocate violence, this is for descriptively dramatic purposes only.  I will, however, tell your Mum if you ask me to work for free.

"…the piece is brought to an affirming close with Helen Raw’s convincing portrayal of Ensler herself, describing witnessing the birth of her grandchild…Raw’s emotional and uplifting performance captures those sentiments beautifully…an eye-opening and polished production which is highly enjoyable and easy to recommend” 


4 stars, The Vagina Monologues, Edinburgh Spotlight


A new showreel is in the works, once I pull my finger out of my bum. In the meantime, here is 'Timmy' a short film in which I play the female lead. This film was nominated for 'Best Drama' at the Royal Television Society Awards. It didn't win.


  • Best Drama - 'Timmy' was nominated at the Royal Television Society Awards. I played Timmy’s mum

  • Best Film - ‘6.05pm’ won the List Magazine Audience Award. I played a woman affected by domestic abuse. It also won:

    • Best Director - I Ciudad Real Film Festival, Spain

    • Best Short Film -  International Short Film Festival in Majadahonda, Spain

    • Best Screenplay - 13 Festival La Fila in Valladolid, Spain

  • Best Horror - Sacrificed won at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. I played the lead character’s girlfriend 

  • Best Entertainment Staff - Circle of Excellence Award. The win was based on guest comments reviewing my (excellent) customer service and solo cabaret shows when working for Celebrity Cruises 

  • Best Impersonation - 'horse on a film set'

  • Best Trampoliner - awarded after getting the child actor, playing my son on set, to stop crying

  • Best Puker - 12 chicken nuggets + trampolining

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