Commissioned Work includes:

Forensics & Science

  • Forensic Science and CSI Skills Workshops for schools across the UK for British Science Week (2019 - 2021)



  • Resources for the Scottish Government's UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child

"...commissioned by the Commissioner’s office to develop a range of inspirational creative extras for the resource (UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child) as support material for a series of five workshops. These were of good quality and were delivered on time. Raw Talent were receptive to initiating changes and the company was efficient and met tight deadlines."

Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland


A national consultation was undertaken by the Children & Young People's Commissioner for Scotland in 2010.  I was contracted to create 'creative extras' to complement the resulting 'a Right Blether' Campaign.

The consultation provided an opportunity for children and young people across Scotland to say what was important in their lives and to take part in a national vote. I helped facilitate workshops for the Commissioner's Office and, by the time the Commissioner had finished meeting children and young people across Scotland, 74,059 had voted on what they thought was important.

Due to the tight deadlines required for the finished product, I contracted the excellent Kirsten McCrossan to work alongside me so that the work could be produced on time. Our teamwork was legendary (and very amusing) and we produced some brilliant resources of which we are both very proud.

You can access PDFs of the results below:

Age 5-11

Age 11+

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2019 - 2021

I was commissioned to write the Forensics & Crime Scene Workshop Programme for British Science Week. The programme was used for 2 years and then the pandemic hit...

If you'd like me to write a forensic/CSI workshop for your group or school, please contact me.

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I wrote an A+ paper on 'IQ and breastfeeding' as part of my neuroscience module during 3rd year of my Forensic Psychobiology Degree.  It was published in the September 2015 issue of psych-talk


I graduated with Honours in July 2016.


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I wrote an article for the 2021 50th Anniversary one-off edition of 'Cooking Memories: Cookbook' for the War Widows' Association. I am not a cook, I can burn salad so I have no recipes, my article is more 'I cooked something and survived'.

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Click the image to read my article. You can buy the full book here.