Have lived in Fife, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow and a mosquito (posh midge) infested Minnesota. I also lived and worked on USA based cruise ships for 3 years. I am a Navy kid. This hopefully explains my accent.

This is the essence of me, in a visual...

I am on the one on the right but own the mask on the left

When I was wee I wanted to be Juliet Bravo, Quincy, Cagney or Lacey, Dempsey or Makepeace, and Jessica Fletcher. I also wanted to be in the A-Team and on the stage. 


I performed in my first show when I was 8, wrote a paper on Jack the Ripper when I was 11 and by 16 was running my own youth theatre.  


In 2015 I had a peer-reviewed paper published and in 2016 I worked on my first live murder inquiry.


People I think are epic, other than my Mum and wee sis, obv: Barbra Streisand,  Linda Eder, John E Douglas, Robert K Ressler, Ann Wolbert Burgess, David Wilson, David Canter, Katherine Ramsland, Sue Black, Jan Fennell.

 You may start to see a jazz hand / animal / forensics theme emerging... 

I am an experienced actress and singer who has been involved in the entertainment world in some form or another since the late 80's. I have been teaching children and young people since 1991 and adults since around 2000. As well as running acting and performance classes and workshops for children and adults, I am a STEM Ambassador on the STEM Network and run science and crime scene investigation workshops/parties for children.


From 2008 - 2019, I was lead vocalist and co-producer for the Twinkletrax record label creating nursery rhyme CDs and MP3s for children.   I am co-Director and Producer for Shoogly Peg Productions, a film production company I run with my BAFTA-winning partner in crime.


Trained Equity Ambassador and founder of the East of Scotland General Branch of Equity (2008) and elected Secretary until I resigned my post in 2015 to concentrate on my final year at Uni.   The branch is still going strong and, in 2016, I was elected to serve on Equity’s Online Branch committee until I resigned in March 2021.

In 2012 I co-founded the British Actors Network on Facebook and took over as manager and lead admin in 2017. I took over sole responsibility in June 2019. Two new websites are on the way - loads of months late cos of COVID!


In 2014 I started fostering cats and dogs out of emergency situations. In August 2016 I set up Raw's Paws, a licensed home-boarding facility for cats and dogs. I only take paying clients when not fostering and so far have voluntarily fostered 32 furry beasts. I am in the process of completing a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology and my Graduate training in Amichien® Bonding’, as created by Jan Fennell ‘The Dog Listener’.


A CertHE in Forensic Science & Medicine and a BSc Honours Degree in Forensic Psychobiology assures I am the one person who can definitely help you ‘bury the body’, my management skills will keep our alibis consistent and my producing skills will ensure it is all filmed, in high quality, for future blackmail purposes.


I have lots of skills...

"...a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a [dream] for people like you.  I will look for you, I will find you and I will [work with] you.” That Bloke off That Film


Sample skills

  • Typing really fast

  • Juggling (balls only, ideally just 3)

  • Spinning plates

  • Nailing jelly to walls

  • Knitting fog

  • Lowering a lifeboat from a capsizing cruise ship whilst managing 200 screaming and panicking holidaymakers

  • I can tell the difference between Ant & Dec

  • Horse riding: I've ridden a horse 3 times in my life (not the same horse)

  • Herding cats

  • Bottling farts

  • When in water, I float like a jobby

  • I run a Facebook Group of over 18,000 actor and film types and haven't stabbed anyone. Yet.

  • I can tell the difference between a chicken breast and a human liver when shown a picture of each in a field


Qualified Emergency First Aider

Certified in Mental Health First Aid

Registered to carry and administer Naloxone


  • Equity - founder and elected Secretary for East of Scotland Branch (2008 - 2015)

  • Equity - elected Secretary/Deputy Moderator for Online Branch (2016 - 2021)

  • Equity Member - actor, singer

  • Equity Member - singers register

  • BAFTA Scotland (2013 - 2021)


  • The British Actors Network (co-founder and Manager)

  • Independent Producers Scotland

  • Association of Film and Television Practitioners

  • The British Psychological Society (incl. Forensic Psychology Division)

  • The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences

  • The Royal Society of Biology 

  • The Whitechapel Society

  • The STEM Network

  • The Children's Panel

  • War Widows' Association of Great Britain

  • The Federation of Small Businesses

  • The Pet Professional Guild

  • Pet Industry Federation

  • Pet Services Association

  • Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour​​​​